Standard Convex numbering head, curved base, 7 wheels, 3/16" (engraving code 0002)

Please use the image and parts list below to identify the parts you require for you numbering box. We stock the majority of the spares listed, whilst out of stock items can be delivered in a matter of days.
Should you have any difficulty Identifying your required parts or require assistance with any issue relating to numbering box spares, please contact us.

1C Gib locking screw
2C Gib holding Screw
3C Base locating spring
4C Tube shaft set screw
5C Tube shaft screw for spring return
6C Swing screw
7C Bridge Plate Screw
8C Base locating screw
9C Return spring
10C Actuating pawl spring
11C Retaining pawl spring
12C Swing retainer spacer
13C E-ring
14C Swing
15C Central shaft
16C Drop wheel central shaft
17C Gib
18C Actuating pawl
19C Spacer wheel
20C Unit wheel
21C Tens wheel
22C Hunderds wheel
23C Thousands wheel
24C Ten thousands drop wheel
25C Hundred thousands drop wheel
26C Millions drop wheel
27C Curved base frame
28C Unit retaining pawl
29C Tens retaining pawl
30C Retaining pawl pin
31C Actuating pawl pin
32C Spring Return operating arm
33C Operating Arm
34C Bridge plate engraved
35C Gib spring



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