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The "Must Have" Guides for Designers, Printers and Color Decision Makers – Now With 336 New Colors!

These new PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDES are the updated versions of the indispensable PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® tools for selecting, specifying and matching solid PANTONE Colors.

1677 ways to Drive Your Inspiration

  • 336 exciting new solid colors for a total of 1,677 solid choices.
  • Broad selection of high-trending hues set your creativity free.
  • New colors printed using a uniform ink film thickness, making them easily matched on press.
  • Complements the PLUS SERIES libraries of sizzling metallics, hot neons, cool pastels and process colors.
  • Compatible with digital workflows.
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  • PANTONE PLUS Solid Chips Coated & Uncoated

    Unleash your passion with 644 new colors! The new PANTONE PLUS SERIES SOLID CHIPS two-book set contains all the colors of our PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® -- plus all 644 exciting new colors added since 2010 – in a convenient chip format that attaches to artwork and digital files for easy and consistent color communication. This year alone we’ve added 84 new Blushes and Pinks,......

    €335.00 + VATMore Info
  • PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated and Uncoated

    The "must have" guides for designers, printers and color decision makers – 1,867 colours PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDES for selecting, specifying and matching solid PANTONE Colors feature 644 new colors included since 2010 - with 84 added just this year. The new colors for 2014 fill out our expansive palette with beautiful new Blushes and Pinks, and clean and vibrant new Blues,......

    €140.00 + VATMore Info

    For a limited time, SAVE on PANTONE PLUS SERIES Formula Guides and SOLID CHIPS Set — now with 560 new colours! The PANTONE PLUS SERIES SOLID COLOR Set offers graphic designers, pre-press professionals and printers 1,677 solid colour choices – including 560 new colours added since 2010 – in both fan guide and chips formats. Use fan guides to select, specify and match colour,......

    €380.00 + VATMore Info