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Business card cutters make the sometimes tedious task of producing business cards and related products  almost effortless, particularly in print operations producing ever shorter runs.

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  • Cyklos CS 325 Smart Business Card Cutter

    The CS 325 Smart is a robust and simple to operate A4 business card cutting machine with a double feed system, with the added benefit of interchangeable cutting tools for versatility of job size. Longitudinal and latitudinal cuts can be made without changing  tools or adjusting the distances between the knives. If necessary, cassette system allows......

    €1,200.00 + VATMore Info
  • ZIP 10 SRA4 Auto Business Card Cutter

    The Zip 10 Card Cutter is an A4 cutting machine designed to produce business cards and other multiple-up products in one pass.  It uses an adjustable blade cassette to slit the sheet as it passes through the machine. A guillotine knife cross cuts the sheet as it advances through the machine, driven by the programmable paper drive. The combination of adjustable slitting......

    €4,500.00 + VATMore Info
  • ZIP-21 SRA3 Auto Feed Business Card Cutter

    The Zip-21 is a fully automatic SRA3 card cutting machine, designed to cut business cards & other multiple-up products in a single pass. The Zip-21 cross cuts the sheet with a guillotine and then, with an easily adjustable blade cassette, will slit and/or score the sheet immediately before it exits to the delivery tray. This clever combination of two cutting systems allows......

    €10,500.00 + VATMore Info