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Padding Presses are used to create note pads, order books, NCR sets etc.The paper is loaded into the machine where it is clamped down. Once the paper is secure and clamped into place, padding or fan apart glue is applied to the back of the paper. when the glue has dried, the stack can be removed and more paper added. Our padding presses are capable of padding thousands of sheets of paper at a time.

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  • Sterling Padding Press

    High quality SRA3 Padding Press for up to 10,000 sheets of A4 or 5,000 sheets of A3 paper. Designed for fast, accurate and simple clamping of books, NCR, form sets, and note pads. Perfect for printers, printing departments and copy / design shops. The unique spring-loaded clamp bar applies variable pressure to all heights of paper stack very quickly, by means of a simple slide-and-lock......

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