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Die Cutting - The Short Run Dilemma, Solved by PaperFox

Posted September 7, 2015 by Walter Nash Events.

The majority of sheet fed printed material is produced on standard shapes and sizes of paper, board and other substrates, often requiring simple straight edge cutting to the finished size, using a guillotine.

Where the finished product is of an irregular size and shape, for example, packaging, die cutting and creasing operations are used to cut out the shape from the full printed sheet.
Traditionally, the equipment required to perform these tasks demands high make ready times, with longer production runs needed to be cost effective.

But take a small digital print business with a unique range of novelty shaped, personalised greetings cards.
Digital print production methods allow cost effective production of such niche, value added products that can supplement margins on the more competitive day to day print jobs such as business cards, flyers etc

All is going well, you have five SRA3 sheets containing ten high quality, high value personalised Christmas cards that just need cutting and creasing in that Santa Claus shape that you so painstakingly designed.
A quick call to the trade finishers will reveal that even if they would accept the job, the cost would be prohibitive, none of the craft die cutters on the market is up to the job as most require pre defined shape cartridges or cassettes, none of which suit your unique design.

So what’s the answer?

Paperfox Rotary Die Cutters use the same cutting and creasing technology as traditional platen and cylinder presses, the difference is that these unique machines allow short run production of die cut products in a cost effective manner.
The compact design and simple manual operation means you can have those five precious sheets converted into saleable product in minutes and all under your own control, without the need to outsource.

So whether you are producing professional, craft, packaging or novelty products on a range of substrates from paper and card, to plastics, leather and fabrics, there is a PaperFox rotary die cutting solution to meet your needs.


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