Pressroom Chemicals

Pressroom Chemicals

All our pressroom chemicals are supplied by market leading manufacturers, with quality and performance, coupled with value for money being the overriding factors in selecting the products to keep your press perfoming at its peak.
From Blanket washes, Fount solutions, Plate treatment and speciality products, all our pressroom chemicals are formulated to meet the highest performance and safety standards.

  • Blanket and roller washes
  • Sheet and web fount solutions
  • Alcohol free fount solutions
  • Plate cleaners and gums
  • Speciality chemicals
  • Pressroom sundries and cleaning products

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Printing Blankets

Printing Blankets

At Walter Nash we represent worlds leading printing blanket manufacturers. We supply a large variety of printing blankets for all applications including Conventional Sheetfed, Carton, UV, Heatset, Coldset (Newspapers), Continuous Stationary and Pot Printing.
Our Dublin premises is home to the only blanket conversion facility in the Republic of Ireland, manned by experienced staff with an in depth knowledge of printing blanket technology.

  • Conventional sheetfed blankets
  • UV blankets
  • Heatset and coldset blankets
  • Continuous stationery blankets
  • Pot printing blankets
  • Carton printing blankets
  • Coating blankets

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Printing Ink

Printing Ink

Ink is the lifeblood of all the printing processes. Our range of Inks are from market leading manufacturers and our focus is on quality inks that deliver top performance to our customers. All our inks are supported by our technical support staff who will assist you in selecting the right ink for your application.

Our range of printing inks range includes:

  • Commercial sheetfed inks
  • Waterless Inks
  • UV Inks
  • Pantone colours
  • Rubber based inks
  • Metallics

Our range includes :

  • F918 SUPREME BIO - a colour intense, duct fresh, very fast setting process ink series.
  • F100 - a fast oxidative drying, very fast setting proces ink series.
  • F925 LOW TACK BIO - a duct fresh all-round process ink series.
  • Toyo Hi Unity Neo ERP - high quality versatile sheet fed process ink.
  • VanSon Rubber Based.



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Varnishes & Sealers

Varnishes & Sealers

Duct Sealers and Varnishes are oil based coatings applied to protect print from scuffing and marking and enhance the final result.

Our range includes :-

Novacoat® 256 High Gloss Varnish - High gloss varnish with the fastest drying speed.

Novacoat® 4060 Matt Varnish - Matt oil based varnish with increased oxidative drying.

Novacoat® 8844 BIO High Gloss Varnish - High Gloss overprint varnish based on BIO-binders. Excellent rub resistance and suited to perfecting.

Novacoat® 8833 BIO Silk Matt Varnish - A Silk Matt overprint varnish based on BIO-binders. Also very suited to perfecting.

DruckVarnish Silk Sealer - This is a special oil based coating primarily designed as an inconspicuous over varnish to protect commercial litho print from the abrasive effects of matt coated papers and boards. It is particularly effective in preventing marking and scuffing during cutting, creasing and bindery operations and is recommended as a problem-solving coating.


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Waterbased Coatings

Waterbased Coatings

The core range of our ECS emulsion coatings are designed specifically for the modern day machine and will satisfy all print requirements.

Coating and sealing is the final press operation before the job enters the finishing process, therefore the quality of the products used should not be compromised.

There is an ever increasing demand set upon Waterbased coatings. Not only their ability to dry fast, provide protection and the desired finish but they are also required to work on many machine types, over varying inks, a wide array of substrates as well operate at speeds up and beyond 16,000 sheets per hour. We work with manufacturers who continue to develop products along side major ink and machine manufacturers to ensure our products work with even the latest of technologies. Listed below is a core range of emulsion coatings designed specifically for the modern day machine and will satisfy all print requirements.

Our product range includes :-

W140 Matt Emulsion - a smooth matt emulsion.

W240 Silk Emulsion - Smooth Silk for everyday use.

W440 DS Gloss Emulsion - General prupose work & turn gloss


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The benefits of using quality packings on both plate and blanket cylinders have been emphasised by press manufacturers for many years.
Our wide range of packings ensures we have the right product for your specific requirements. We stock the widest range of packings available on the market and our converting facilities enable us to be flexible with sizes.

Our range includes :-

Manilla M - Colour Coded Calibrated underlay sheets available from 4 thou (.10mm) to 20 thou (.50mm)

Adhesive Polyster - available in full range of thickness in any size

Underblankets - Constructed from cotton fabric and rubber, underblankets allow the printer to use one underblanket instead of multiple sheets of packing paper

Finito® - replace old underpacking blankets and calibrated papers with an innovative material, eliminating all the storage and handling problems of conventional underpacking.


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Automatic Wash Cloths

Automatic Wash Cloths

For printing presses with automated blanket wash systems, we supply high quality wash cloth materials in mini rolls, jumbo rolls and pre soaked rolls.
The use of automatic blanket wash cloths can significantly reduce the volume of slovents used in the pressroom, increase production efficiency and contributes to a safer work place.

Our automatic wash cloth range includes:

  • Jumbo wash cloth rolls
  • Mini wash cloth rolls
  • Pre soaked wash cloth rolls
  • Wash cloth rewinders

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Anti Marking

Anti Marking

We supply anti marking solutions in all their various forms,
from ICP film, cylinder nets or press specific anti marking jackets.

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Damper covers

Damper covers

Whilst most current presses utilise direct dampening systems, much of the press population still require damper cover.
At Walter Nash we continue to stock a range of damper covers, in both roll form, by the metre or cut lengths and sets to suit you press.

Red 1 Shrink Damper cover guarantees a controlled and uniform circumferential shrink that firmly locks the cover on the roller without pinching down the roller ends. The shrink fit eliminates twisting or creeping even under high speed web conditions.

  • Low Lint and Shrink-Fit
  • Strong Ink Resistance
  • Easy to Clean
  • Clean, Even Transfer

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Safety Materials

Safety Materials

Health and Safety in the printing environment is important to us. We have selected a range of quality products to assist you in making your workplace safer and cleaner. From nitrile and Vynil gloves, spill control, ear protectors and much more, our range of pressroon safety items are available from stock in our Dublin Warehouse facility.

Our range of pressroom safety materials includes:

  • Vinyl and nitrile gloves
  • Ear protectors
  • Spill protectors
  • Hand cleaners
  • Barrier creams

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Pressroom Supplies Overview

A superior range of pressroom consumables from the world's leading manufacturers.
At Walter Nash we have supplied the irish printing industry with an unrivalled range of pressroom supplies for generations.
Always keeping pace with the latest industry developments, ensuring our customers have access to the latest in pressroom consumable technology.






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