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Where stitching and stapling volumes are large, and the depth of the block to be stitched is greater than acheivable by most stapling machines, wire stitchers provide a robust and productive solution.

We supply Wire stitching machines from European manufacture  Introma, renowned for their reliabilty, productivity and cost effectiveness. offering stitching depths up to 25mm(1inch) and saddle stitching down to 2mm. the versatility of this equipment is unrivalled.

All our stitching and stapling machines operate from  a single phase 220v supply, making them suitable for installation in all locations.

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  • Introma ZD 2SR Wire Stitcher

    The Introma ZD 2SR is a robustly engineered wire stitching machine, manufactured in Europe. Capable of clench stitching up to 25mm and stab stitching up to 40mm, the ZD 2SR is capable of flat or saddle stitching from 2 sheets, up to 200 sheet docket books with ease. Flat or round wires from 0.5mm up to 1.5mm may be used, making this machine a very versatile addition to any print......