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Flint Print Ink, Novavit range of premium offset inks.

Printing Inks

The K+E® range of process inks from Flint Group is as diverse and variable as your daily printing challenges. Their process inks offer ideal properties for almost all demands: from standard process inks to ink series for special requirements.

Each of our product families Novastar®, Novaboard® and Novavit® represents a major process ink characteristic. Novastar® is our colour-intensive all-round family for universal applications, Novaboard® stands for highest rub-resistance and fast oxidative drying and the Novavit® series scores highly with particularly fast setting and drying. 

Talk to us today whether it an off the shelf product or bespoke mix that you require.

  • Commercial sheetfed inks
  • Waterless Inks
  • UV Inks
  • Pantone colours
  • Rubber based inks

Our range includes :-

Novavit® F 918 SUPREME BIO

The fast series in BIO quality for perfecting.

  • Duct-fresh.
  • Very fast setting.
  • Excellent printability also on perfecting presses.
  • Highest print sharpness.

Novavit® F 100Fast Setting Series

The fast series with fast oxidative drying.

  • Oxidativ drying.
  • Extremely fast setting and fast oxidative drying at the same time.
  • Highest print sharpness.
  • Newest binder technology with optimised ink-water stability.

Novavit® F 700 SPEED PLUS

The fast series for highest straight-line printing speeds.
Extremely fast setting.
Ideally suited for the newest generation of fast running straight-line printing presses.
Highest print sharpness

Novaplast® BIO

Especially for printing on foil and other non-absorbent substrates.
Extremely fast oxidative drying.
BIO-binders – based on renewable raw materials.
Low swelling.

Novasens® P 650 SELECT The low-migration and low-odour series

Novasens® P 650 SELECT is a low-odour and low-migration special process series which has been developed specially for sensitive food and semi-luxury food applications, where there is no direct contact between the printed image and the contents of the package.

  • Further advantages of the series are very good printability and a high press stability.
  • Due to its very high colour strength Novasens® P 650 SELECT allows printing with a very thin ink film, resulting in fast setting and brilliant performance in terms of inline-coating.
  • Novasens® P 650 SELECT is ideally suited for straight-line printing on all multi-colour printing presses.
  • Novasens® P 650 SELECT is particularly suited for the production of packaging that complies with the requirements of the EU-regulation 1935/2004 and 2023/2006 as well as with the Swiss Ordinance 817.023.21. Additionally, the series meets the requirements of the EuPIA Guideline “Printing Inks applied to the non-food contact surface of food packaging materials and articles“. Mineral oil is not used as an intentional formulation component of this series. The release of aldehydes on neutral substrates is below the detection limit


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