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X-Rite eXact

X-Rite eXact

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A Single Platform Positioned for Growth

The X-Rite eXactTM is a completely customisable handheld colour measurement solution. This means the unit can grow with you.

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The X-Rite eXact family is the industry benchmark for measuring color in print and packaging. From densitometers to highly advanced spectrophotometers, for use with paper, film or other substrates, the X-Rite eXact family is one of the most accurate and consistent color measurement instruments on the market. With easy-to-use features, everyone in your organization will be able to access the color data they need quickly and easily.

The unit is upgradable from Basic to Advanced. See Video Tab for an overview on each model.

eXact Advanced Spectrophotometer

Ideal for ink rooms, quality control labs, and print and packaging manufacturing facilities with the highest standards, the eXact Advanced can measure the color of ink and paper before, during, and after print production to ensure color stays on target. It also connects with PantoneLIVE and NetProfiler to maximize color accuracy within the workflow.

  • For ink room, quality control, print, and packaging facilities
  • Evaluates ink and paper prior to, during, and after print production
  • Analyzes substrates with capabilities like Brightener Index Function

eXact Standard

Specifically designed for printers and packaging converters, the eXact Standard is the market leading spectrophotometer to validate the color of CMYK and spot color inks. It leverages job-based tools with industry color standards to increase press process control and connects with PantoneLIVE and NetProfiler to maximize color accuracy within the workflow.
  • Measures CMYK and spot color inks for print and packaging applications
  • Job-based with latest industry standards, including G7, ISO, PSO, and Japan Color
  • Measures M1 for accurate control of neon inks

eXact Basic Plus Densitometer

Need a device to measure all aspects of CMYK in the pressroom? The eXact Basic Plus automatically detects color and patch type and compares production density measurements against stored standards with pass/fail indication. The eXact Basic Plus can help increase efficiency by decreasing measurement time and improving print accuracy.
  • Compares density measurements against standards with pass/fail indication for print and packaging applications
  • Accommodates multiple patches with four aperture sizes
  • Portable with Bluetooth connectivity

eXact Basic Densitometer

Looking for a simple device to measure density on press? The eXact Basic densitometer is designed specifically for CMYK jobs, enabling you to achieve and maintain accurate color throughout the run. With the eXact Basic, you can replace visual trial and error with fact-based color control for improved accuracy and consistency.

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